Two Ways to Invalidate a Settlement Agreement

Once a settlement agreement has been signed, it's generally too late to change your mind. You're stuck with the outcome of the agreement, even if you have regrets later. However, if you're unhappiness is the result of something shady that happened during the proceedings, here are two ways you can get the settlement contract invalidated. Show the Defendant Behaved Fraudulently Possibly your best option for getting a settlement agreement invalidated is to show the defendant committed some type of fraud during the negotiation process. Read More 

When An Accident Shortens Your Shopping Trip

One moment you are in bargain-seeking heaven, the next you are flat on your back on the floor of the store and in excruciating pain. If this happens to you, don't be so embarrassed that you automatically blame the fall on your own clumsiness; many store accidents happen when those businesses fail to protect shoppers from hazards. Read on to learn more about dealing with a accident in a place of business where you were hurt due to negligence. Read More 

Learning About Student Loans And Social Security

When you took out that education loan, you likely never envisioned being unable to work at that career that you studied so hard to have. When a medical condition makes it impossible to work at your job, you may be qualified for Social Security disability. Unfortunately, the time between your initial application and a final approval could take more than a year. It's easy to see how much financial trouble you could get in during that time if you cannot work to pay your bills. Read More 

How To Stop Your Teen From Drinking And Driving

Drinking alcohol is illegal for people under the age of 21. Drinking under the influence of alcohol is illegal for all drivers regardless of age. You can imagine the level of trouble your teenager will be in if they are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Here are some of the tips you should use to stop your young one from drinking and driving: Enforce a Strict No Drinking Rule Read More 

Answers For Small Business Owners About Trademark Basics

Starting a new business or introducing a new product for your small business means you may be considering trademark protection. Many small business owners know that a trademark protects them, but they aren't sure exactly how nor what specifically should be trademarked. The following guide can help answer your questions so you can work to protect your brand. What can be trademarked? A trademark is designed to protect a brand, so it protects words, symbols, and devices so that other businesses can't use them to describe similar products or business types. Read More