Hiring A Lawyer Is The Best Decision For Your Business

Reasons To Hire A Lawyer In An Accident Situation

If you have been in an accident and have suffered injuries, loss of pay, pain, mental anguish, or other problems due to the accident, then you want to get yourself a lawyer immediately. Here are some of the reasons for hiring a lawyer like those at Lerner, Piermont & Riverol, P.A. Your lawyer will stay focused on the important issues Once you have a lawyer, you won't need to stress out about what you need to do, what you should do, what you shouldn't do, and what you can't do. Read More 

Financial Pros And Cons Of Choosing Bird’s Nest Custody

If bird's nest custody is something that you and your spouse are considering as a way to raise your child after your divorce, it's a good idea to carefully evaluate whether this setup will be the right one for your family. There are many different custody arrangements, so if bird's nest works, you can move in that direction. If not, you can simply choose another approach. It's impossible to overlook the financial side of bird's nest custody, so consider these pros and cons and have a discussion with your child custody attorney before you make up your mind. Read More 

Don’t Get Buried By Workers’ Compensation Paperwork

When a workplace injury leaves you out of work, it's important to get the benefits you need. The paperwork blizzard that comes along with a workers' comp claim might surprise some people -- particularly those that are new to work insurance issues. The guide below outlines some of the most important documents and records you should be keeping up with, so read on and get your workers' compensation paperwork organized and ready for whatever may happen with your claim. Read More 

Help! My New House Was Poorly Constructed

Having a house built to your exact specifications is an exciting prospect. Unlike buying a house that's already built, designing your own house gives you the opportunity to create the exact home of your dreams. Unfortunately, sometimes things can go wrong during construction. If you notice major issues in the construction of your home, here's how you can resolve them: 1. Document the issues. According to NOLO, signs of poor construction include cracks in wall plaster, water damage around openings to the outside, and gaps in your flooring. Read More 

Suing A Nursing Home If Your Loved One With Osteoporosis Fell And Broke Bones

Placing your parent in a nursing home is never an easy choice. However, it may be necessary if they have osteoporosis and need specialized help. However, your loved one fell down in their nursing home and now suffers from broken bones. Can you sue the nursing home for this injury? Falls Are Common In The Elderly Population As we age, falls are more common due to a variety of circumstances. For example, people may lose strength in their bones and muscles and lack the ability to walk for extended periods. Read More