Work-Related Injuries That Should Be Guaranteed Benefits For Workers’ Comp

While some work-related injuries might run into a "gray" area for workers' compensation claims, there are some injuries that should automatically qualify for benefits. If you experience and/or acquire any of the following injuries at work through no fault of your own, you should apply for workers' compensation benefits right away. The benefits for the following injuries should be immediate, but if you are denied, hire a workers' compensation lawyer. 

Loss of Vision in One or Both Eyes

Everything from chemicals to metal shards and wooden splinters can coat or impale an eye in an accident and cause blindness. Your own short-term and long-term disability benefits through your employer already provide for this accident, but if you still have vision in one eye, you can claim workers' comp benefits too. Because you can still see to do some work and some tasks, the workers' comp will pay for your medical bills and help you begin to see how you can work with the vision you have left. 

Loss of Fingers

Fingers are necessary for manipulating tools, buttons, operating switches, etc. If you lost several fingers in a work accident, you would be out of work for some time while recuperating. Then you will have to find a job that does not require a lot of digital manipulation of equipment. To do that, you will need the money from workers' comp benefits, and given that it was company machinery that took your fingers, your employer should make sure that the workers' comp claim is approved. 

Loss of a Limb

Arms are important to any job that requires you to lift and move things to other locations. Arms are also important because when you lose an arm, you also lose a hand and fingers. You cannot lift, grasp, carry, move, or do anything else you used to do with two arms, two hands, and ten fingers.

The workers' compensation you should receive will cover your medical bills, rehab, and a prosthetic to help you return to work. Any extra money left over will help you pay your monthly bills so that you do not have to worry about defaulting on your mortgage, having your electricity shut off, or running up credit card debt you cannot repay because you cannot work during this lengthy recovery period. Your lawyer will help you establish a clear-cut case for your benefits if you are denied. 

To learn more, contact your local workers' comp law office today.