Legal Theories For Nursing Home Abuse

Before pursuing a nursing home abuse claim, you need to identify the legal theory on which to base your claim. For example, it would be a mistake to pursue a product liability claim if your injured loved one was actually harmed by a caregiver with criminal tendencies. Here are some of the legal theories for nursing home abuse and the situations in which they apply: Negligent Care and Supervision Read More 

Online Workplace Sexual Harassment: What You Should Know

People used to think of workplace sexual harassment in terms of one of those old TV tropes where the lecherous boss chases the pretty, young secretary around the desk or an infantile co-worker won't stop making sexual comments to his female peer.  However, thanks to the magic of the internet, it's no longer necessary to even be in the same building with someone to end up the victim of workplace sexual harassment. Read More 

3 Not-So-Surprising Reasons To Consider Legal Help For Your Small Business

From hiring and firing employees to purchasing inventory and paying invoices, the challenges of running a business are easy to see. Unfortunately, without proper understanding and management, you may experience a great deal of physical, emotional, and financial stress. Thankfully, consulting a business law attorney before making any final decisions can save you from this potential distress. Here are a few reasons to consider hiring an attorney to help with your small business matters. Read More 

Two Ways to Invalidate a Settlement Agreement

Once a settlement agreement has been signed, it's generally too late to change your mind. You're stuck with the outcome of the agreement, even if you have regrets later. However, if you're unhappiness is the result of something shady that happened during the proceedings, here are two ways you can get the settlement contract invalidated. Show the Defendant Behaved Fraudulently Possibly your best option for getting a settlement agreement invalidated is to show the defendant committed some type of fraud during the negotiation process. Read More 

When An Accident Shortens Your Shopping Trip

One moment you are in bargain-seeking heaven, the next you are flat on your back on the floor of the store and in excruciating pain. If this happens to you, don't be so embarrassed that you automatically blame the fall on your own clumsiness; many store accidents happen when those businesses fail to protect shoppers from hazards. Read on to learn more about dealing with a accident in a place of business where you were hurt due to negligence. Read More