How Your Legal Advisor Will Ensure That You Get A Fair Treatment In Your Motorcycle Crash Claim

You will find that most motorcycle riders are careful on the road. They observe all traffic laws and safety rules to keep them and other road users from being involved in collisions. However, many people judge riders unfairly as reckless and irresponsible. As a result, they unlawfully blame bikers for causing accidents, denying them justice and an opportunity to get compensation for their damages. In such a case, a lawyer can help you fight biker bias and get your rightful compensation. They will take the following measures to ensure you get fair treatment in your lawsuit.

They Will Gather Useful Information

Biker bias can happen at different stages of your claim. Therefore, your attorney will gather helpful information that will enable them to counter the evidence presented by the defendant or insurance company. They will start by gathering evidence at the scene, including taking photos of your approved helmet and safety gear. Your legal advisor will then collect evidence that can prove negligence, including video surveillance. Witnesses can also provide essential information that will enable the judge to understand what happened and who the wrongdoer was.  

They Will Challenge Any False Statements

Judges make their decisions depending on the evidence presented by the plaintiff and defendant. Therefore, if the wrongdoer or the insurance firm manages to convince the judge that you did something wrong, you might lose the case. That's why you should consider working with a legal advisor. They will challenge any false statements that could make you appear guilty. For example, the defendant may present a witness statement suggesting speeding because your engine was loud. Your attorney can challenge this testimony, arguing that the loud sound is natural. They might even get expert witnesses to explain that the type of engine in your motorbike is always noisy, even when riding at low speeds.

They Will Provide Detailed Riding Records

Your lawyer will provide detailed riding records to prove that you have the necessary qualifications and are a diligent rider. For example, they will table documents proving that you have completed all the required riding courses. Your legal advisor will also argue that there is little possibility that you could have caused the accident because you have never been in a collision before. These facts can make the judge believe that you never participated in the accident and could award you a fair settlement for your damages.

Contact an attorney immediately if you sustain injuries in a motorcycle crash. They will examine your case and build a strong lawsuit to protect your rights. For more information, contact a motorcycle accident attorney.