What You Should Expect When Receiving a Workers Compensation Consultation

Were you injured on the job and do not know what to do? Workers compensation may be the best way to make yourself financially whole again after your injury. Here is what you can expect when you speak with a lawyer for a consultation regarding your case.

You'll Show Your Paperwork

It's important that you bring with you any important paperwork regarding your injury so that you can review it with the lawyer during your consultation. This can include medical records from doctors that you have seen regarding your injury, communication with your employer about what happened, and things of that nature. It's always better to bring something with you than to leave it at home and not be able to show it.

You'll Describe Your Injury

You are going to need to describe how the injury happened to the lawyer during a consultation. It's important that you are completely honest about the circumstances of your injury. The consultation is not the time to withhold important details about what happened, since the lawyer will need to decide if they want to take your case. Surprising them with more information later on can sometimes make or break a case, especially if it could put you at fault for causing the injury.

You'll Describe Your Medical Treatment

You'll also need to talk about the types of medical treatments you have received so far. This includes the types of doctors that you have visited, any medication you are on, your official diagnosis so far, and current physical limitations that are preventing you from working. In addition, you'll need to describe any previous medical history that could be related to your injury. This will help determine if you have a brand new injury or aggravated an existing one. 

You'll Potentially Be Asked to Sign a Contract

If the lawyer hears your story and wants to defend you, then you'll be asked to sign a contract with them to take on your workers compensation case. Any lawyer that is taking on a case based on a contingency basis will not require an upfront payment for their services or consultation. Payment would only be required if a lawyer did not want to take on your case on a contingency basis, and you still wanted to pay them an hourly rate for their legal assistance.

Reach out to a workers compensation lawyer to learn more about how the consultation works. For more, turn to a firm such as Hosmer & Wise PC.