See How You Can Legally Stop A Telemarketer From Harassing You With Unsolicited Calls And Texts

Telemarketers play an essential role in helping their companies increase sales. However, the pressure of meeting the set targets makes some of them engage in unlawful behavior. For example, they nag clients with phone calls and text messages even after being informed that an individual isn't interested in their products. While some customers may put up with this vice, believing that they don't have any legal rights to stop the harassment, others may not. Calling or texting clients without their approval is punishable by law. Therefore, if you're fed up with telemarketers' harassment, you can take legal action against them using the following steps.

Start by Ensuring That Your Phone Number Is on the National Do Not Call List

If you instruct a telemarketer to stop nagging you with calls, but they continue with the behavior, register your phone number with The National Do Not Call Authority. That should prove that you're serious about your lack of interest in their products and services. The telesales representatives have to stop contacting you within one month from the registering date. However, if they continue calling or texting you, report the matter to the organization in charge of regulating the behaviors of telemarketers.

Report the Matter to the Federal Communications Commission

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has the legal right to ensure that telemarketers do not engage in unlawful behaviors. Therefore, it is the right authority to consult when a telesales representative continues nagging you even after you've asked them to stop. You may also report the harassment directly to the FCC even without having your number on the National Do Not Call registry.

Get Professional Legal Representation

Telemarketer harassment is hard to prove, making it essential to work with an experienced legal advisor to help you stop the harassment. They may also help you recover compensation for the harassment. A professional telemarketer harassment lawyer can help you document the behavior to help you prove your claim. They will want to know when you notified the telesales representative to stop calling you and the number of times they've called you after that. Therefore, you're supposed to keep screenshots of all the phone calls and texts you've received after instructing telemarketers to stop contacting you.

If a person or organization has been nagging you with phone calls and texts after you've warned them to stop, take the measures above to stop the behavior. Telesales representatives could be contacting you, forcing you to buy a certain commodity, asking for your personal information, or promising that they will introduce you to money-making ventures. In any of the situations above, the legal measures above will enable you to stop them from contacting you. In addition, working with a professional legal advisor who deals with telesales abuse cases will enable you to recover compensation for the disturbance. 

Contact a telemarketer harassment lawyer to learn more.