Getting Divorced? Don’t Make The Following Mistakes

Will you be going through a divorce soon, and not sure what to expect? If so, it will help to know what mistakes you should avoid making along the way that can be bad for your divorce. 

Mistake 1: Delaying When Hiring A Lawyer

One of the first things you should be doing is hiring a lawyer, and it's important that you act quickly. Be aware that any lawyer that meets with your spouse for a consultation is not going to be allowed to meet with you afterward. This is due to there being a conflict of interest, where the lawyer knows details about your spouse's case that you are not allowed to know. While this may not seem like a big deal, it can be if you live in a small town and your options for local lawyers are limited.

Mistake 2: Moving Out Of Your House Without A Plan

A common mistake that people make is moving out of their house without any sort of arrangement being made. If you are going to move out, it's important to formalize the arrangement in writing so that it is clear that you are not giving things up by moving out.

For example, if you have kids, you should make a temporary custody arrangement so that it doesn't look like you are giving full parenting responsibility to your spouse. Know that once you give things up, it's hard to get those things back in court. 

Mistake 3: Talking To Your Lawyer Like A Therapist

Know that time with your lawyer is time to discuss the divorce process, not all of the issues that are surrounding it. Save the drama and personal issues that you are going through for your therapist, who is actually equipped to deal with those problems with you. In addition, having a personal therapist is going to help you deal with the emotional impact of getting a divorce. 

Mistake 4: Talking Poorly About Your Spouse To Your Children

Now is not the time to bring your children into the divorce by talking poorly about your spouse. Remember that this person is also the mom or dad of your children, and it is not good to talk negatively about them. Anything that you say can get back to the judge, especially if they want to talk to the children when determining custody arrangements. That's why it's best to only say positive things.

Talk to a family law attorney to learn more.