How To Take Car Accident Scene Photos For A Successful Claim

The aftermath of a car crash can be messy, and if you're sitting in a wrecked car, knowing the next cause of action can be challenging. But, this doesn't have to be the case. After an accident, the most important thing to do is contact the police and seek medical attention. It's also important that you take photos of your car accident scene. Most people who choose not to take pictures of the car crash scene don't understand how valuable this evidence can be to their auto accident attorney. When you have a car accident photo that documents your injuries and property damage, it can help guarantee a successful claim. Here are a few tips for taking car accident photos.

Capture your accident scene from different angles

The photos of your accident scene should provide a summary of how your crash happened. This is why you should take your pictures from different locations and angles. Your car accident attorney will use the close-up photographs to show the scratches and dents your car sustained. Additionally, you should factor in the direction of sunlight and how it can impact your pictures. For instance, when taking your photos, ensure that every photograph has different light intensities. 

Don't ignore the importance of traffic signs

Your car accident photo won't indicate the color of the traffic light at the time of your crash. However, you should know that the traffic light position can provide valuable information to your auto accident attorney and accident reconstruction specialists. Likewise, take accident scene pictures like broken glass, debris, and skid marks as it helps your attorney determine how your cash crash happened.

Ensure that the timestamp feature is on

Before taking any picture at the accident scene, you should ensure that the timestamp feature is turned on. Most smartphones can automatically save the location, time, and date of every picture you take. However, when using a digital camera, make sure you turn on the timestamp feature so that every shot you take has a time and date printed on the digital file. This will help your car accident attorney to know exactly when your car accident happened.

Take pictures of any injuries you have sustained

Immediately after your car accident, make sure that you document your injuries. Remember that bruises fade and wounds heal, and taking photos at that stage won't help your compensation claim. If you can't take the photos yourself, let someone else help you. If you don't have any visible injuries, keep any relevant medical records like MRI, X-ray, etc.

Pictures are among the best ways to preserve evidence after a car accident, and your auto accident attorney can use them to pursue your compensation claim. Therefore, use the above tips to ensure you take photos that can help your claim.  

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