How To Stop Your Teen From Drinking And Driving

Drinking alcohol is illegal for people under the age of 21. Drinking under the influence of alcohol is illegal for all drivers regardless of age. You can imagine the level of trouble your teenager will be in if they are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Here are some of the tips you should use to stop your young one from drinking and driving:

Enforce a Strict No Drinking Rule

The less your kid is likely to drink, the less they are likely to drink and drive. Therefore, if your child hasn't reached the legal drinking age, do your best to dissuade them from drinking. Institute a no drinking policy and enforce it strictly. You should also reduce your kid's exposure to alcohol, for example, by locking up any alcohol bottles you may have in the house and not taking the kid to parties where alcohol is served.

Offer To Pick Them Up If Drunk – No Questions Asked

A no drinking and driving policy will go a long way in discouraging your child from drinking and driving, but it isn't enough. After all, you won't be with the time everywhere all the time, and kids being who they are, they will sneak in a drink or two if you aren't looking. To discourage your kid from drinking and driving, offer to pick them up whenever they are drunk – no questions asked. It may be a bother, but it is better than letting them drive while intoxicated.

Explain the Dangers of Drunk Driving

Don't just say no to drinking and driving without any explanation. The dangers of drunk driving are well documented, and you should explain them to your child. For example, statistics show that drivers between the age of 16 and 20 are 17 times more likely to die in car accidents if they are legally drunk (blood alcohol content above 0.08) than if they are sober.

Be an Example to Your Child

Your kids watch you more carefully than you think, and they will know it when you are being a hypocrite. Don't be one of those parents who preach against drinking and driving but then go ahead to drive while drunk. You will have a hard time convincing your kid not to drink and drive if you are making the same mistake.

Hopefully, your child won't make the dangerous mistake of driving while intoxicated. If they do make the mistake, however, get them an experienced DUI lawyer to help them navigate the tricky corridors of criminal justice.