Have Bipolar Disorder? You Can Still Make A Worker’s Compensation Claim

If you have bipolar disorder, you may find it difficult to work in certain situations. If your employer is aware of your mental illness, they should be aware of what you can and cannot handle. Below is some information about what can cause you to make a claim as well as some tips to help you get your worker's compensation claim approved.

They Cause Stress

Stress is very bad for someone that has bipolar disorder and can quickly make their symptoms much worse, such as having a panic attack. If your boss is aware of this and continues to give you more work than you can handle, this would be a worker's compensation claim if this causes you to have problems, such as panic attacks. Your boss may put you in situations that cause a lot of stress, such as speaking in front of a lot of people.

Working in a hostile work environment can also cause a lot of stress. This could be someone in your office, such as your boss, often screaming and shouting. This is especially true if you feel your boss is signaling you out, which can make you feel victimized. Instead, your boss should talk to you calmly in their office.

You Can Hire a Worker's Compensation Lawyer

It can be more difficult to win a worker's compensation claim due to a mental illness. This is because your illness cannot be seen like an injury, such as a broken bone. For this reason, you should hire a worker's compensation lawyer that has experience working with these types of cases.

The lawyer will ask you to provide them with medical proof that you have bipolar disorder. This is important, as this can help you win your case. Your doctor could write a letter stating the exact symptoms you have and what can cause your symptoms to become worse, such as stress.

The lawyer has to prove that your stress was due to your work or aggravated by it. They will likely use professionals to make this determination also, such as trauma specialists and psychologists, along with your doctor. From your doctor's information and the findings of these professionals, your lawyer will start to build your case.

Your claim may have to go to trial, and if so, your attorney has to persuade the jury of your mental illness. This is because the insurance company may not see that your mental health problem is part of your worker's compensation claim.

Your worker's compensation attorney can go over all of this with you in more detail so you can understand how the process will work. For more information, contact local professionals like Bishop Dorfman Kroupa & Bishop PC.