3 Alternatives To Drinking And Driving

When you're at a party and have had a few too many drinks, it can be far too tempting to hop in your car and head home. However, drinking and driving is incredibly dangerous and can even be deadly. Even if you do not get in an accident that causes anyone to be injured, you could end up going through a DWI checkpoint or could get pulled over by law enforcement, which could put you in a very serious and very expensive legal situation. There is truly no reason to risk all of these things by hopping behind the wheel when you have been drinking. These are a few alternatives that you can consider.

1. Designate a Sober Driver

Designating a friend or family member as your designated driver for the evening is usually the safest and most convenient option for many people. Make sure that you choose someone who you can trust to remain sober throughout the night. One option to "talk someone into" doing so is to offer to be the designated driver for the next party or night on the town. Even if you do have a designated driver, however, it is important to have a plan B in mind in case your friend does choose to drink or if he or she has to leave for an emergency.

2. Take Public Transportation

Depending on where you live, public transportation could be a good option for making it home after you have been drinking. Taking the bus, subway, or monorail can be a good choice, but make sure that you are careful about taking public transportation when you are inebriated and could be more at risk when in public. Having a friend accompany you or limiting your drinks can help. Another option is to take a taxi cab, Uber, or Lyft.

3. Ask to Crash

Some people are embarrassed to ask their hosts if they can spend the night after a party, but you might be surprised to find that the host is more than accommodating. Another option is to look for a nearby hotel; even though it might not have been in your original budget to pay for a hotel for the night, doing so can be much more affordable than getting a DWI.

There are so many other options than drinking and driving. Whether you are going to a party or are heading out for a night of drinks on the town, trying one of these options for getting home is a far better choice than attempting to drive home after consuming alcohol. If you do still end up in trouble, contact a DUI lawyer like David A. Mansfield as soon as possible to ensure your case is handled properly.