Do You Need A Divorce To Escape Your Abusive Spouse? What To Consider

If you are experiencing domestic abuse and you are considering a divorce, you want to meet with a divorce lawyer to talk about the safest way to go through with the process. You want to be sure that you can file without your spouse coming after you or trying to abuse you, and that you have somewhere you can go for protection from your abuser. Here are few of the things it would be best to have when you go to meet with the attorney.

Proof of Abuse

Do you have physical proof that you've been abused? Here are some great types of evidence you'll want to have for your case:

  • Pictures of bruises or markings
  • Eye witnesses that have seen the signs of abuse on your body
  • Messages or written talk of the abuse from the abuser
  • Police reports or complaints of abuse or disturbance at your household
  • Threats from the abuser

These are going to be a key to show why you want the no contact order, and why you want to file for divorce.

A No-Contact Order

You want to file for a no-contact order so it's illegal for your spouse to contact you after you file for the divorce. This way, they know they will face legal consequences if they try to call you or meet up with you in person. You will need to have evidence of abuse to get the no-contact order approved and put in place when you file.

Divorce Settlement

Work on a divorce settlement with your lawyer so you can present the settlement to your spouse as soon as you file. They may be willing to settle the divorce to get everything over with quickly if they notice that you are very serious about following through, and if they aren't able to contact you. The lawyer can work with you to make the settlement fair and detailed, so you can get everything over with quickly.

There are a lot of different advantages to meeting with a lawyer and getting the protection in place before you file for divorce, instead of filing for divorce and then waiting to see if the abuser wants to abuse again. Talk with an experienced divorce lawyer at a law firm like McKissick & McKissick and bring all of your information and proof so you can get your case started, and so you can get closer to being safe from your abuser.