Using Your Treatment To Strengthen Your Injury Claim

Medical evidence is one of the things you will need to mount a strong personal injury claim. This means you need to take your treatments seriously; the medical consultations and treatment sessions generate the medical evidence you need for your case. Here are three tips to ensure your treatments result in a strong evidence for your case:

Consult a Medical Doctor

Physicians aren't equal in the eyes of insurers. The insurance industry has a strong leaning towards western medicine. This means treatment by alternative medical providers (non-physicians) may not be held in high esteem. Therefore, it's advisable to seek treatment from a qualified medical doctor. Don't, for example, opt for free clinics run by medical students in the hope of reducing your treatment costs.

For the sake of your claim, consult an M.D., even at higher costs, to get a favorable evaluation from the insurance adjuster. Alternative treatments, such as acupuncture and chiropractic care, aren't bad, but you shouldn't make them your primary or only forms of treatment.

Get Treatment after Diagnosis

A complex and costly diagnosis doesn't hold much weight with insurance companies. This is especially true of the diagnosis reveals minimal injuries or isn't followed by serious treatments. The adjuster may feel that you weren't seriously injured in the first place, so you don't deserve the huge treatment payments (or diagnostic payments in the eyes of the adjuster).

Therefore, don't ignore your doctor's treatment suggestions even if you think your injuries aren't serious or don't deserve the treatments. This isn't the time or place to "man up" or act like an adult, get the treatments.

Don't Skip Your Treatment Sessions

If you skip a treatment session, the insurer may use it as an excuse to claim that you aren't seriously hurt. The rationale is that an accident victim who is truly in pain will do anything (including attending all treatment sessions) to get well. Also, you don't deserve to be compensated for any injuries due to your action or inaction (such as skipping treatments). This is a valid claim because it is your duty to mitigate damages after an accident, and attending all treatment sessions is one of the ways of doing this.

You have probably heard about the importance of getting prompt medical treatment after an accident, but now you know it is not enough. Follow the above tips to ensure your injuries are properly compensated. Even if you have made a mistake that you feel has weakened your case, you may still have a shot at getting your claim settled if you hire an experienced lawyer.

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