How To Prepare For Divorce Mediation

These days, getting a divorce can be expensive. If you are thinking about trying mediation services, this can be a great way to have your divorce details finalized and reviewed. A mediator can fairly and calmly guide you and your spouse through the process and hopefully reach a settlement outside of court. Here are four things that you and your spouse should do to make divorce mediation more successful.

1. Source the Right Mediator

Making sure that you find someone that can effectively guide you through a divorce process is important. Much like counselors, mediators can have different work styles, so try to find someone that you and your spouse both can feel comfortable with. Ask around and read reviews on local mediators until you find one whose style and approach will work with your specific situation and personality type.

2. Organize Your Personal Information

Sit down with your partner and go over your financial information and property. Bring lists of items you own such as cars, recreational equipment, housewares and pets. Bring along as much financial background information as possible. This will save time and you wont have to try to do this on the spot in mediation or have to schedule another session. Get organized and come prepared.

3. Come with a Parenting Plan for Kids

If you have children, you might have a rough idea of how you and your spouse will want to handle post-divorce parenting. Make sure that you discuss this beforehand so you have your plan ready for the mediator. If your kids are older, you can involve them in the process and let them know the plan that will be proposed at mediation.

4. Make Sure that You and Your Spouse are on the Same Page

If your spouse might see mediation as a last ditch attempt to get you back, your divorce will not move forward effectively in mediation. Make sure that you aren't mistaking your spouse's misplaced hope to reconcile as willingness to go to mediation. If you and your spouse are amicable about divorce and are ready to move towards a divorce settlement, mediation will have a much better chance of success.

If you can your spouse cannot get on the same page and be amicable about certain issues, moving forward in mediation might not work. If you think mediation is right for you, then make sure to do a little homework beforehand to make the process more efficient and successful. Being prepared for mediation sessions will reduce time and frustration for everyone involved.

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