3 Reasons Motorcyclists Should Hire A Personal Injury Attorney With Experience Representing Bike Riders

If you've been in a motorcycle accident through no fault of your own, and you have sustained injuries, you will need a personal injury attorney. However, before you hire an accident attorney, you should be sure that this attorney has extensive experience representing motorcyclists. The following are among the most fundamental reasons for this.

They understand that bone fractures are more severe than with car drivers

When a motorcycle rider collides with a car, they will likely leave their bike and hit the ground. The force the bones receive leads to fractures that may not heal quickly. A lawyer with experience in representing riders will understand the nature of these fractures, so they will understand how much compensation is needed for medical bills. A significant portion of these medical bills may be in the form of rehabilitation, but rehabilitation may take longer than typical injuries sustained by a car driver.

They understand the severity of abrasions from the asphalt

This is something that is rarely, if ever, seen with a car driver. These abrasions are often called friction burns because they are caused by rapid and continuous contact with the asphalt. This type of injury may require special medical treatment, including the possibility of skin grafts. Healing from these abrasions can be a long and painful process. The time and pain involved in healing and rehabilitation are a part of the motorcyclist's compensation.

They understand how to address the issue of jury bias

If your case goes to court, you will want an attorney with experience winning a case at trial. Most of the jury will be composed of car drivers, and among them will be several jurists who have had one or more bad experiences with motorcycles. Maybe they were cut off, or perhaps a rider was speeding and almost collided with their car. There are many possibilities. An attorney needs to have the skill to overcome this bias and win the case. Furthermore, an insurance company that is aware of a lawyer's winning record will be motivated to settle out of court for a higher sum.

When you are able to contact an attorney, or a loved one is able to contact an attorney, the most important attribute this personal injury attorney should have is experience with motorcycle accidents. This type of personal injury attorney will understand the extent of bone fracture injuries sustained by bike riders. They will also understand how severe friction burns can be, and how long both types of injuries take to recover from. They should also have experience arguing their case in front of juries and will understand how to overcome a bias against motorcycle riders. 

Speak to a motorcycle accident personal injury lawyer to find out more.