How Family Law Experts Help When Split Week Custody Isn’t Working

Splitting custody of a child between alternating weeks is often the most logical and easy to handle the situation for many parents. However, this scenario can become hard to maintain when a child finds that their needs are not being met. This situation will then require the help of a high-quality family law expert who fully understands how to handle everybody's needs here.

Co-Parenting Can Be Very Challenging

Trying to raise a child between divorced parents can be very challenging. For example, some may find that alternating weeks do not work for the child and can cause them confusion and agitation. However, one parent involved in this situation is convinced that this method is the best option and wants to keep it up, even if it turns out the child is having a hard time because of it.

As a result, the parents may have a very tough battle on their hand, one that requires understanding what a child needs and taking steps to ensure that they get this type of help. In many scenarios, it may be necessary for parents to get help from a family law attorney. Often, this step is critical if the family cannot make a decision on their own without a lot of fighting.

Why Family Law Help is Crucial

Family law experts can help manage this problem in a myriad of ways. First of all, a legal professional like a lawyer can listen to what the child and both parents have to say about the situation. They can then present the case to a judge in a way that is both fair and reasonable. Ultimately, the judge is going to do what they think is best for a child and not put the needs of the parents first.

For instance, a parent may find that the judge does not agree with the alternating week schedule and wants to come up with something that meets a child's needs better. Usually, this approach is done if the judge believes that a child is truly suffering from a specific visitation schedule and wants to make sure that they get the child the help that they need to stay happy.

Just as importantly, family law experts can work hard to ensure that both parents are ultimately satisfied with the schedule. For example, they can come up with a method that makes sense – such as the child staying with one parent while in school and another while out of school for the summer – and split up vacations and holidays in a way that is as satisfying as possible for all involved.