Thinking Of Divorce? These Issues During The Loss Of Your Parent May Compel You To Move Forward

If you and your spouse are on rocky ground, things can potentially get even worse when one of your parents becomes ill and eventually passes away. This is a difficult time for you for obvious reasons, but the struggles in your relationship might actually make it worse. Although you might not feel strongly enough to move forward with filing for divorce when you're dealing with the loss of a loved one, it may be clear to you that ending your marriage will be a top priority as soon as you feel ready. Here are some reasons that may compel you to move forward.

Spouse's Lack Of Emotional Support

When one spouse's parent is ill and passes away, the other spouse should be able to provide emotional support. Watching your parent get sicker and sicker is one of the most difficult things that you'll encounter in life, and not being able to receive support and comfort from your spouse can be devastating. For example, your spouse may seldom or never ask how you're doing, listen to you when you get home from a long day spent at the hospital, or otherwise provide the emotional support that most people feel is necessary at a time such as this.

Spouse's Inability To Help

You may also be dismayed at your spouse's inability or lack of interest in helping you in other ways. For example, if you're spending much of the day at the hospital, it's reasonable to expect that your spouse should pick up the lack around the house. If you normally make the children's lunches and pick them up at school, it's not a stretch to think that your spouse should now assume this role. However, if he or she shows no motivation to help in this manner and doesn't respond favourably to you asking, this may drive a dagger in your relationship.

Spouse's Hurtful Actions

At a time that is difficult for you, you might be upset to see your spouse acting in a way that is hurtful. For example, with you having learned that your parent might only last another few days, your spouse could get together with friends to take a hunting or shopping trip. Or, your spouse could even make inappropriate jokes about your parent's illness and/or death. Each of these issues can be a problem on its own, but when they're all present and your relationship is already struggling, you may find that this period in your life is the final straw. If so, speak to a divorce attorney.