3 Signs That Divorce Is In Your Future

Many couples go through hard times and wonder if they will make it. Marriage is hard no matter who you are, and during those difficult moments you might be wondering if divorce is the right thing for you. Here are some signs that a divorce may be right for you.

1. You Have An Exit Plan

Every couple fights, and every couple may even have moments of fantasizing what their life would be like it they weren't married. But having an exit plan is more than just fantasizing. If you have a legitimate plan and you know what you would do, where you would go, and who you would talk to, then the marriage is likely broken. Making an actual plan, looking into getting an apartment, setting aside money for the divorce, and all of these kinds of things may mean that divorce is in the close future for you.

2. You Don't Enjoy Being With Your Spouse Anymore

Fighting is normal for every marriage, but dreading being around your spouse is an entirely differently thing. You and your spouse could be fighting often, but still if there are moments that you really enjoy being together, if you still care for their well-being, or if you look forward to seeing them after a long day, then most likely you can save the marriage.

If you find yourself avoiding going home, if being with your spouse is more stressful than work or other responsibilities, or if you find yourself hating every moment that you are with your spouse, even the non-fighting ones, then you probably need to divorce.

3. Either One Of Your Is Unrepentant About Extramarital Relationships

Lastly, if there have been extramarital relationships had by either you or your spouse the marriage, can still survive, if both partners are still committed and are willing to admit their wrongs and work towards fidelity. The problem comes when one or both partners is unrepentant about it. Does you spouse still carry on a relationship with another person, even if you have asked them to stop? The relationship doesn't even have to be sexual, it could be emotional; this is still damaging to the relationship. When the unfaithful spouse really wants to change and is working toward making their wrongdoing right, the marriage can survive in some cases. However, if the spouse doesn't see a problem or won't change, the marriage may be unable to be saved.

These are three signs that the marriage is beyond repair. If you do decide to divorce, contact a divorce lawyer for legal assistance.