Injured While On A Playground? Know Your Rights

Accidents that happen on a playground can be relatively harmless or traumatic if it causes a very serious injury. If the injury occurred at a school, daycare, or local park, it's possible that you can receive compensation for the damages. Know when you should contact an injury lawyer to help with a personal injury claim.

The Playground Is In Disrepair

A playground should be maintained with working equipment for safety reasons. If the playground you were at had equipment that was clearly broken and in need of maintenance or an inspection, the blame could fall on another party for not doing their job.

Disrepair extends beyond just playground equipment. Even pavement this is crumbling can be a safety hazard that the owner is responsible for maintaining.

The Playground Was Not Supervised

If your child was injured at day care or school, it's typical for playground activity to be supervised by an adult. If the injury happened because those adult supervisors were being negligent and not performing their duties, you could have a personal injury case on your hands.

Negligence can happen by being distracted, which includes a supervisor being on their cell phone or talking with another employee. If they allowed an accident to happen that is preventable, they could be found liable for it occurring. Liability can also happen because there are not enough supervisors out on the playground. State laws apply to daycares where specific children to adult ratios must be enforced at all times.

An Injury Was Caused By A Child or Animal

Some situations would place liability on a pet owner or another parent. This is common at a public park where every adult must be responsible for who they are with. This extends to both their own children and pets. If a pet owner is letting their dog run loose around the park, they would be responsible if their dog were to bite a small child. A parent must control their child if they are being aggressive to other children on the playground and causing injuries.

The Playground Does Not Have Proper Notices

A playground should have size or age limitations posted so that you know what equipment is safe for your child to play on. If there are not any notices posted at the playground, it may not be your fault if your child is hurt playing on equipment that was not designed for them because they are too young.

When one of these situations applies to you, work with a lawyer about making a personal injury claim.