Four Tips For Minimizing Your Legal Fees In A Workers Comp Case

A lot of workers compensation cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. This means, if you win your case and receive a settlement, then your lawyer gets a portion of that settlement. This also means that if you lose, your lawyer receives nothing. Unfortunately, not all workers comp cases are handled this way. Other times, the lawyer can charge you a fee based on what they deem necessary. The expenses you can accumulate during a workers comp case can get rather high, especially if you find yourself in a lengthy legal battle where your employer is fighting your claim. 

Check Behind Your Counsel

Oftentimes, during a workers compensation case, the legal teams will come to some sort of agreement to help end the battle. If your counsel decides that they can get more money by fighting it in court and not reaching an agreement, you could be paying much more in the end. It is important to speak with your defense lawyer about any agreements that have come up between both sides. Once you have reached some sort of agreement, you need to decide if it is worth it to continue fighting for more or if you should settle for the offer you have received. 

Nail Down Witnesses

Another way to reduce your legal fees is by doing some of the detective work yourself. This involves tracking down any witnesses to the accident so your counsel does not have to hire an investigator. If you are struggling to get witnesses, it is best that you hire an investigator rather than your lawyer. You can compare investigators based on price to determine which is the most affordable rather than just going with the one your lawyer uses. 

Check up on the Adjuster

A good adjuster will gather all the medical reports, arrange medical exams, and interview the witnesses. If your adjuster is not handling the case well, then your lawyer will have to do the adjuster's job. The more time your lawyer puts into the case, the higher the bill you could end up with. It is important to stay on top of the adjuster to ensure they are gathering all the information needed for your lawyer. 

Communicate with Your Lawyer

Even though you may trust your lawyer to handle your case and your needs, it is still important to communicate everything you know to the lawyer. As soon as you receive medical treatment, remember things about the accident, or speak to your employer, you want to let your lawyer know what is going on. The quicker you communicate to your lawyer, the faster you can reach an agreement. Click for more info.