How To Write A Testimonial For Your Car Accident Attorney

After a car accident attorney has successfully helped you get a large sum of money as a result of being hurt in an accident, you want to be sure that you properly express your gratitude. It's polite to send the attorney a handwritten note of thanks, but many legal clients also choose to write testimonials for their attorneys' websites. This short bit of writing is likely to be appreciated by the attorney, as it might be able to help him or her generate more business in the future. Here's how to write a testimonial that stands out. 

Describe The Situation You Were In

Your testimonial can have a high degree of impact if you begin by talking a bit about your accident and the overall situation that you were facing as a result of it. You don't need to try to make the situation sound dramatic – simply talking about the accident and the injuries that it left you with, as well as how your life was impacted in the short and long term after the accident, is ideal. For example, you could write how you were unable to work as a result of the accident, which made you feel stressed because you weren't able to provide for your family to the desired degree.

Share How You Felt Upon Hiring The Attorney

Talking about your emotional state upon hiring your car accident attorney can be an impactful part of the testimonial. Share how you felt, how the attorney handled your case and how his or her help benefited you. For example, you might write how hiring the attorney immediately made you feel at ease because of his or her confident and experienced nature – or you might say that you'd previously had trouble sleeping because of the stress of the accident, but that you were able to start sleeping soundly after hiring the attorney.

Discuss How The Attorney Has Changed Your Life

Given that many car accident cases can be life-changing, write about how hiring the attorney and getting a favorable financial result has changed your life. For example, you could write how the money has helped you pay for therapy that is improving your physical health, or that the additional finances have dramatically eased the financial burden on your family that was causing stress after the accident. Sharing such messages can help prospective clients choose to hire the attorney, thus making your testimonial effective.