3 Big Reasons For Semi-Truck Accidents On The Roadways Every Driver Should Know

If you happen to be the unlucky driver who is involved in an accident with a big truck, your injuries and damages could be severe enough to warrant a personal injury claim. There are many things that can cause an accident, but there are three big reasons that a trucker may be found at fault for an accident.

Pressure to Deliver Loads Quickly and Adhere to a Tight Schedule

One of the things that will be investigated in a truck injury case is whether the driver was under pressure by their company to deliver loads according to an unreasonable schedule. Unreasonable schedules may require traveling at a faster rate of speed or not stopping for breaks as often as required. For example, the driver should have at least a 30 minute break at some point within the first 8 hours of driving, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. For this reason, the driver may not be completely at fault personally for the accident that injured you, but the company they work for will hold some liability.

Lack of Appropriate Training

Most reputable trucking companies have strict guidelines when it comes to how much training a driver should have before they are hired on as a lone driver in a truck. This can require several weeks of instruction, time on the road with another driver, and various other training methods. The trucker who was driving will be assessed by your attorney to determine if he or she had sufficient training at the time of the accident. The lack of training could easily become a big factor in swaying the decision in your favor.

Monetary Incentives for Loads

Most truck drivers are given a set rate for every mile they drive or every load delivered. However, in some cases, monetary incentives offered by a company to drivers can be an aspect to be considered. For example, if a company is offering bonuses to drivers in a certain time frame that could push the drivers to drive faster or work longer hours, even when this would be otherwise deemed unsafe. Your attorney will look over any reward programs or incentives that were being offered at the time of the accident.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident involving a big truck, talk to your trucking accident attorney about how more than just the driver may be to blame. Be sure to ask questions before your case goes before a judge and gain a good understanding of where the blame in the case could fall.