Your Day In Court – How To Present Yourself At Your DUI Hearing

Despite the specifics of your DUI hearing, looks and actions on your part matter as well. Your DUI lawyer is there to present your best defense, and you are there to look and act the part of a responsible, upstanding member of the community. Here are four must-dos in a courtroom setting to present yourself in the best possible light.

1. Be Present

Having your full attention at the case at hand when in court is important. Leave your cell phone in the car or on silent. If at all possible, come just with your lawyer to keep any distractions out of the courtroom. Don't bring kids or family members that aren't really adding anything to your case with their presence. Having your full attention on the hearing will show respect and the fact that you take the courtroom seriously.

2. Be on Time

Actually, be early. Know how to get to the courthouse and make allowances for traffic and parking.

Remember there are metal detectors, so don't bring anything along that you may have to run back to your car. Nobody at court should have to wait for you. Missing your court appearance can lead to more trouble down the line and will be noted in your case.

3. Dress the Part

Show that you respect the court and come dressed in at least business casual. If you are female, make sure that there isn't anything provocative about your clothing choices. Chose respectful clothing that doesn't draw attention to you. Don't show up in jeans or anything that is sloppy.

4. Practice 'Court Talk'

If you may have to address the judge, it is good to have a run through with your DUI lawyer on what to say. Addressing a judge can be nerve-wracking, but it is worth it to not say the wrong things. Practice how to address a judge with terms such as 'your honor', 'sir', and 'judge'. Be concise when answering and never speak out of turn or interrupt.

Every part of your demeanor is on trial in DUI court, so try to up your chances to a lower fine or sentence by looking your best. Your lawyer has the job to plead your case, but if you can at least meet them halfway by being respectful in court. You will have a better chance of your case going smoothly and not bring any unwanted attention your way from the judge. Talk to people like Tolman Kirk Clucas PLLC for more information about lawyers and law cases.